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Whether you love them or hate them, extreme bikinis are breaking boundaries about what’s acceptable and what’s not. These tiny swimsuits are the child of men’s desire to see women wearing less and less, and women’s desire to show what they’ve got. We really don’t even have to use “extreme” as a descriptor, we could just as easily use “small”.

Make no mistake – these swimsuits are not for the shy. They leave nothing to the imagination, exposing all but a few square inches of your flesh. Most of these extreme bikinis are not legal to wear in public, so if you’re considering purchasing one, make sure your new suit will be legal in your locale.

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There are two main types of extreme bikinis – micro bikinis and sling bikinis. The main difference between the two is that micro bikinis are usually two pieces, and sling bikinis, generally, are one-piece.

The Micro Bikini


Its hard to say where the first micro bikini came from. Ever since the bikini appeared in 1946, it has gotten progressively smaller. The micro bikini is the ultimate example. In the picture above, the model is wearing a triangle top with g-string bottoms.  There are several variations on the thong theme, but the string bikini is indeed the smallest of the small.

The Sling Bikini


If you can imagine a toy slingshot combined with women’s swimwear, well there you’ve got the sling bikini. It looks exactly like you’d expect it to, and on some physiques it can appear as though it’s ready to fling itself (or it’s occupant) into the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

Mesh Bikinis

Another type of bikini that are considered extreme are mesh or see-thru bikinis. These suits are made from fabric that is woven in such a way as to be transparent, revealing most of the details of the skin beneath. Mesh bikinis are the perfect choice for tanning at home, since they reveal basically everything to the sun. You might be used to applying sun block after you put on your bikini, but with a mesh suit, its best to apply it before, so no areas go uncovered.

Other Applications

Until now, we’ve only discussed extreme bikinis as far as the tanning benefits go, but these outrageous swimsuits have other uses. Instead of lingerie, why not get a see-thru bikini for some bedroom fun? I don’t know a single man out there who wouldn’t love to see his lady in a sexy transparent swimsuit.

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