Mesh Bikini

Catch more than just attention by wearing a mesh bikini that not only emphasizes one’s body, but bares all that can be seen.  Mesh is a kind of fabric that has larger knits and holes, allowing for more ventilation.  However, aside from ventilation, swimsuits made with this material also allow for more exposure as the larger-than-normal holes in this kind of fabric make it transparent.  There are different types of swimwear made from this material.

Types of mesh swimwear

Sheer when wet

If you want to bare more but not all, this type of beachwear may just be what you need to turn up the heat when you want to.  This type of bathing suit makes use of mesh fabric that offers some amount of protection and coverage when dry.  Sheer when wet suits make use of a fabric that looks opaque when dry.  These can be patterened pieces that offer coverage for those bits and parts of you that you want to keep under wraps for the meantime.  However, everything that can be seen will be revealed once you take a dip then get immediately out of the water.  What was once a perfectly opaque swimsuit becomes a sexy and scintillating piece that shows off what you really have underneath it all.

Sheer even when dry

If you have the body and the guts (or just the guts) to bare, then beachwear that are sheer even when dry may be just the thing for you.  Scintillating pieces that are made entirely out of sheer mesh material however, may not be suitable for wear in public.  These can make the summer hotter and sexier when worn in private moments such as intimate parties.

Crochet bathing suits

Knitwear is not only for the winter as crocheted pieces can also turn up the heat during the summer months.  No, these are not those reindeer-patterned sweaters but rather crocheted bikini tops, bottoms, and suits that are perfect for a day or night out on the sand.  Crocheted beachwear provide that peekabo look without being too racy.  However, this type can obly be used for lounging as knitwear tends to droop and get out of shape when wet.

Maternity swimsuits

Show off a different kind of curve with this type of swimwear that uses mesh fabric.  Expecting mothers who want to show off their baby bumps can also choose to wear this kind of beachwear.  This kind of two-piece bathing suit would be perfect to wear in resorts as it allows the pregnant woman to feel cool and comfortable while staying under the sun.