See Thru Bikini

Play peek-a-boo wearing a see thru bikini and turn your summer into the most enjoyable one you’ve ever had. A see thru swimsuit is just what the name implies – baring more than covering and hiding absolutley next to nothing of one’s body. More often, these racy pieces are not appropriate wear for a stroll on the beach or in public places. Whether you get wet or stay dry, this type of bathing suit will reveal and enhance your greatest assets.

Though this beachwear barely leave nothing covered and hidden from view, there are a lot of styles and designs to choose from.


See-through swimwear come in a variety of designs and styles that will surely flatter one’s curves. A string bikini is made racier through the use of bits of sheer fabric that cover the necessary parts. Maillot, monokini, bandeau, and other styles can be made more daring when given that see-through spin. However, since this type of beachwear bare more than cover, these are not always that appropriate to wear in public places. One does not even need to wait for summer to wear these as one can wear such a suit in private pool parties and other intimate occasions such as a party with your loved one. Pieces in different styles can heat up those intimate moments, even in the dead of winter.


Though pieces such as bikinis make use of those little triangles for the top and bottom parts, these swatches of cloth are not really intended to hide those parts of your body from view. In fact, these just put emphasis on those parts by drawing the eyes towards those bits of cloth, actually inviting the observer to seek out and focus on those parts. However, not all almost-transparent swimsuits are banned from use in public places. There are other types of swimwear that make use of transparent materials that do not reveal all. Instead, these fabrics serve to enhance and tease without baring everything to the public.


Though these bathing suits hide nothing from the observer, these can come in a variety of fabrics. Mesh, tulle, and other almost transparent fabrics are used in making such sexy items. These suits can also come in different designs and colors to enhance and flatter one’s body. Patterned fabrics such as lace can be used in making this type of beachwear and can also double as lingerie. Venetian patterns also scintillate the observer, hiding and displaying one’s parts at the same time.