Skimpy Bikini

Have more fun and freedom on the sand with a skimpy bikini and the right accessories.  Skimpy swimwear may have shocked most people when it first came out more than half a century ago, but have slowly but surely been accepted as more and more women became brave enough to bare their bodies in the sun.  These swimsuits not only expose or bare more of one’s body, but also allow more movement and exposure to the sun.  There are different types of sexy beachwear that flatter and enhance one’s body when out in the sun or lounging by the pool.

Types of revealing bathing suits


The two-piece is made even sexier with designs and styles that bare more of one’s body.  Tops are made more daring as lesser fabric is used to cover the bust area.  Women who are brave enough can opt for tops that offer less coverage but amp up their cleavage.  These tops can come in different styles such as triangle and halter.  Bottoms can also be sexy pieces that show off one’s assets such as the derriere.  Brazilian-cut bottoms give onlookers a cheeky view of your rear end while providing enough support and coverage.  Tie-side and hipsters can also be stylish and exciting pieces that emphasize the hips and the waists.  The great thing about this type of beachwear is that they come in different forms that can suit different body types — from petite ladies to those with large busts.


For those who want to avoid those pesky tan lines, bandeau-type swimwear can solve the problem.  Bandeaus are tubes of stretchy cloth worn over the bust.  This type of sexy upper garment allow for maximum exposure especially during sunbathing as these do not have straps and clasps.  Bandeau-style suits make use of minimal cloth or fabric yet give ample support and protection that one needs on a day out on the sand.  One can do a lot with this type of bathing suit that features the band-like contoured top, which can come in different eye-catching designs, colors, and patterns.


Whoever said that one-piece items are for the conservative only?  Through the years, designers have also turned towards the trusty one-piece and turned it into a fashionable swimwear that is anything but for the conservative only.  A monokini is a kind of bathing suit that can provide little or no coverage for the upper part.  A monokini allows for maximum exposure to the upper part, for even tanning and ventilation.  One can pair this item with another piece such as a bikini or bandeau top for more coverage.